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10A Invisible Genius Weft P#7/1001

  • $135.00

Invisible Genius Weft is usually applied using the beaded row method. This method involves attaching silicone-lined beads to the natural hair and then sewing the weft onto the beads creating a secure and durable attachment.

Genius Weft is an excellent choice while perfectly blending the best parts of both. It is the flattest and most lightweight weft, only 0.8mm thick and 1.7mm tall. This virtually invisible weft features no return hair, which eliminates the irritation to the sensitive scalp.

This 10A Invisible Genius Weft Human Hair Extension Features

  • 10A Grade 
  • 100% human hair
  • Type: Invisible Genius Weft
  • Silky Straight
  • Color code: P#7/1001
  • Length: 24"
  • 1 bundle
  • 50 gram